Showroom Adapted Car, Small Van and Large Van
Showroom Adapted Car, Small Van and Large Van

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Comfortable-grip handle for accurate control over the vehicle direction. For those with difficulty holding and turning the steering wheel.

Twin Flip

Pedals adapted for those unable to use their right leg. Switches the accelerator to the opposite side of the foot bay.

Easy Release

Minimise the effort needed to apply and release the handbrake. Button or lever operated for those with limited strength and/or flexibility in their hands or arms.

Push/Pull Hand Control

Accelerate and brake with easy-to-use hand levers. For those with difficulty using foot pedals.


Operate the secondary functions of a car safely with one hand through simple button activation. Paired with a steering wheel ball, it allows more accurate control over steering direction.


Prevent the use of redundant pedals with the option of a quick release pedal guard aid. Specially for drivers using either the Push/Pull Hand Controls or Twin Flip (Left Foot Accelerators).


Get in and out of the car more easily with strong and stable rotating seats. For those with limited mobility.


Easily carry your wheelchair or mobility scooter into your boot with an electronically aided boot hoist. The electric keypad will easily carry and manoeuvre your accessories into your vehicle with ease, comfort and safety.


Intelligent button key operated system for opening and closing your vehicle’s boot from inside or outside. For those with difficulty opening and closing the boot manually, or availing ride or drive from functions.

Drive From

Adapted to allow for wheelchair users to drive safely from upfront from their own wheelchairs. Equipped with docking system and lock-in rod and complete with an automatic tailgate system.

Ride From

Adapted to allow for wheelchair users to ride in the front passenger seat safely. Equipped with docking system and lock-in rod and complete with an automatic tailgate system.


We offer other bespoke adaptations to suit individual customer needs. Get in touch today to find out more.

Please note, our images are for illustration purposes only and vehicles may differ slightly to that shown. Feel free to contact us for more information on any of our car hire services.

Popular Adaptations FAQs

An adapted vehicle is a car, van or minibus that has been adapted for use by a person with a disability or specific need. Vehicles can be adapted for a range of physical disabilities which allow the user to maintain their independence.

Yes, car adaptations for disabled passengers and drivers are popular and we carry a wide range of specially adapted vehicles for hire for a wide range of users, so get in touch today. 

Yes, we have a wide range of wheelchair adapted cars for hire. Take a look at the range of wheelchair adapted cars for hire on our website or call us on 01922 624 967 or 0845 293 2799.

The available adaptions may vary according to the make, model and size of car but below are a number of the common adaptions:

  • Hand Controls
  • Infra Red Controls
  • Boot Hoist
  • Twin-Flip Pedals
    (Left foot Accelerator)
  • Steering Ball
  • Swivel Seat
  • Bespoke Adaptations
  • Easy Release Handbrake

Yes, you can pick-up or drop off your vehicle rental to any nationwide location at your convenience.

Yes, we offer a start-to-finish service, so you can rent and ride with no worries and no fuss.

Yes, of course. In the unlikely event of a breakdown, we’ll replace your vehicle and have it delivered to you.

We offer highly adaptable payment terms to best match your rental needs.

Yes, we have a number of adapted vehicles for sale on our website, many of which have been adapted specifically for wheelchair users.

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